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What do I say about myself online?


When you subscribe to a dating service, you will be asked to construct a "profile." Most services, like Match will ask you to answer (or take the option of not answering) a list of questions about yourself, which range from exploring your health habits (Do you drink, smoke or work out? ) To your religious inclinations and reading habits. They also give you a paragraph or so to just talk about yourself.

I recommend that you take the time to answer the questions as completely as possible, and that you also take the time to give your profile a personal touch. There is no embellishing your profile so that it sounds "better" to you than the truth might sound. After all, why draw attention from someone who ultimately wants to be with someone different than you? If you really would rather watch TV than read, you’re ultimately not going to be happy with someone who might look down on you for having skipped Jane Austin.

Be yourself online, so that when you meet someone offline, it will be someone who is drawn to the real you.

While I would advise you to provide as much information as possible in your profile, there is a limit. Internet sites are open to the world. It is unnecessary to give information that "identifies" you and invades your privacy. No need to say that you went to Princeton, or Cal tech, or that you are a buyer for Macys. Keep your answers truthful, but less specific.


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